Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

Our corporate services are available to give your business all the tools, support and guidance in order to trade cost effectively.

Whether your business has overseas suppliers to pay or it receives payment in foreign currency for goods or services, Capital Currencies can help.

The foreign exchange markets can be volatile and sometimes scary, but we can work with you in order to develop a proactive approach to unnecessary risk with currency fluctuations.

Examples of Corporate Client products:

  • Forward Contract - one of the simplest ways to hedge against exchange rates as this allows the rate to be fixed for delivery at a future agreed time
  • Urgent Payments – your transfer can be made straight away if you have an urgent deadline to make
  • Target Rate/Market Orders – you tell us the rate you wish to achieve and we monitor and track the markets for you. We then execute the order when achieved, maximising your return.

We don't profess to having a crystal ball, but with our knowledge, expertise and impartiality, we can give you the tools in order for you to make an informed decision regarding your currency transaction.

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