Your transaction

Your transaction

This section explains what to expect when you first deal with us and how we will action your order. Our specialist team are on hand to answer any further questions you may have.

How does it work?

Firstly you need to register with us, similar to opening up a bank account.

You can complete our initial registration form online or simply call us. One of our team will then contact you directly in order to request any further information needed to activate your account. We will require a passport copy as proof of who you are and a recent utility bill that confirms your address. Once approved, you will be sent a unique client account ID number.

What happens next?

You now have access to the best rates of exchange for foreign currencies. You can telephone one of our specialist team members to obtain a foreign exchange rate. Alternatively, let us know what exchange rate you are hoping for and we can either call or email you to keep you up to date. It's all part of our customer service.

When we have bought your currency for you, we will send you a trade confirmation, which sets out all the details of the transaction.

How do I pay for the currency purchased, and how and when do I receive my currency?

You can pay by Faster Payments (internet bank transfer), Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or CHAPS for larger amounts.

Firstly, you need to pay for your currency by transferring the necessary funds into a holding account, which is held with a top-tier bank in the UK.

On receipt of your funds, we will transfer your currency into an account nominated by yourself on the maturity date specified on the trade confirmation.

Please note: Capital Currencies does not accept payment by cheque, credit card or cash. Some banks may also charge you for receiving your funds.

Ticker tape rates

Rates shown are market rates within the last 24 hours, are indicative and for example purposes only. The actual rate will depend on the market rate and amount traded at the time of dealing.